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Our rates are :
Dogs: 15 Euro per day
Cats: 12 Euro per day




Welcome To Our Happy Cat hotel

Happy Kitten
Here at Barefield Kennels we understand that leaving your cat, even for a few days can be very hard, that is why we do our utmost to ensure we provide a home from home for your furry friend. We endeavour to keep your cat warm and cosy during it's stay with us.

We stick to a very strict feeding and cleaning routine as cats are great creatures of habit.  We will feed your cats as per your own instructions but must point out that cats can decide during their stay not to eat what they normally eat at home.  We will offer your cats alternatives to tempt them.  We use only quality branded foods.  If your cat requires a prescription diet, this must be supplied by yourself. Whilst we provide all bedding, you are welcome to bring a favourite blanket/bed/toy/scratching post. For hygiene purposes all runs are divided by clear screens.kittens

We encourage you to put your own cats into their house as we like you to settle them in and leave only when you are happy.  It is important to us that you are relaxed and do not feel rushed.  We would ask you to remove collars for safety reasons.

, please provide proof of both on arrival